Magic Encyclopedia Patches and Updates

Magic Encyclopedia: Judgment Cardset Expansion

May 28, 2002

Magic Encyclopedia: Torment Cardset Expansion

May 8, 2002

Magic Encyclopedia: Odyssey Cardset Expansion

October 1, 2001

Magic Encyclopedia: Oracle Card Updates

August 10, 2001

Just download these files (6-7 KB each) and apply them! These files contain updates to the Oracle card database for several expansions.

Once the files have been downloaded, double click the files to install.

Magic Encyclopedia: Apocalypse Cardset Expansion

June 6, 2001

Magic Encyclopedia: Seventh Edition Cardset Expansion

April 2, 2001

Magic Encyclopedia: Artist Update Patch

Febuary 22, 2001

This file updates the Artist info that is causing problems with the installation of card updates.

Download Patch Here (3k)
Download the file, unzip and double click the Artistupdate.mtgu file to install.

Magic Encyclopedia: Planeshift Cardset Expansion

Febuary 5, 2001

Magic Encyclopedia: Invasion Cardset Expansion October 2, 2000

Magic Encyclopedia: Nemesis and Prophecy Cardsets Expansion - August 25, 2000

Magic Encyclopedia: Updated Card Prices. August 25, 2000

This Encyclopedia Updater file will update with the most recent card prices.

Download Updater Zipfile. (137 kb)

Magic Encyclopedia Rules

Magic Encyclopedia: Prophecy Theme Decks - Download - June 8, 2000

Download this zip file and get your hands on all four Prophecy Theme Decks!

Download Patch Here. (2.73 kb)
Once the file has been downloaded, use the Deckbuilder - Import function to upload the Theme Deck files.

Magic Encyclopedia: Prophecy Cardset Expansion - June 5, 2000

Magic Encyclopedia: Launcher - December 19, 2000

Magic Encyclopedia: Nemesis Cardset Expansion - March 30, 2000

Version as of March 30, 2000.

Just download this version of the update and apply it!

Download Patch Here. (7.3 mb)
Once the file has been downloaded, double click the file Nemesis.exe to install.

Magic Encyclopedia: Patch, Dec. 1999

Download Patch Here. (9.328 mb)
  • Improved Card View functionality -- Correctly displays the selected card in your card list including ownership, graphic, card text formatting, and image clarity.
  • Improved Deck Box functionality -- Includes more precise card counts per deck, pie chart accuracy, and button execution.
  • Improved game connection functionality -- No more connection loss when loading larger decks.
  • Improved gaming functionality -- No more 'visibility' surprises when moving cards around the Play Table (face down cards stay face down; face up cards stay face up). New Graveyard refresh functionality.
  • Improved notification messages -- Know exactly which section in Magic Encyclopedia your opponent switches to when s/he switches away from Magic Online.

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