Welcome to the exciting world of the Dungeons & Dragons movie! Here you will find exclusive articles about the filming, interviews with cast members, and special D&D game supplements, fully compatible with the new edition of the game. Even now that the movie's been released, we have a few more surprises coming your way, so keep checking back with us!

Dungeons & Dragons: The Movie
DVD Coupon Offer

Dungeons & Dragons: The Movie is coming to DVD from New Line Home Entertainment with a special offer inside! Each copy contains a coupon offering $3 off your next purchase of one of the three D&D core rulebooks. Look for the new DVD -- which also contains an all-new Fast-Play Game, The Sewers of Sumdall -- in stores May 22.

A New Location to Explore from
Dungeons & Dragons: The Movie!

Dave Arneson, one of the co-creators of D&D, details a new location from Dungeons & Dragons: The Movie. Whether you’re starting a fresh campaign based on the movie, or just looking for great ideas for your existing campaign, check out On Location.

See the Trailer Now!

Dungeons & Dragons: the Movie is here! This is your chance to see the game you love on the big screen. Can’t rush to the theater right away? Check out the trailer here!

Get ready for excitement. Get ready for adventure. Get ready to download! (And then get yourself a can of soda or something, because this file will take a few minutes to download.)

Download trailer now! (16MB, MOV)

(You will need Quicktime to play the trailer. Don't have it? Visit their website.)

Neal Barrett, Jr. on Novelizing D&D: The Movie

Neal Barrett, Jr. has transformed Dungeons & Dragons: The Movie from the big screen to the page. He's graciously allowed us a few strokes of his electronic pen to explain how he invented prose writing in this commentary.

Check Out Our Movie Tie-Ins!

Even before you see the movie, read all about it in our exclusive tie-in books! Neal Barrett, Jr., brings us the novelization of Dungeons & Dragons: The Movie. Steve Atley’s YA edition of Dungeons & Dragons: The Movie is perfect for younger readers, and The Making of Dungeons & Dragons: The Movie by John Baxter unlocks the secret to all that movie magic. Find out more about these new titles now in our online product library!

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