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This series of regular strategy articles helps you get the most out of each new Chainmail model. Written by two of the game's codesigners, Bruce R. Cordell and Rob Heinsoo, these expert tips are exclusive to the Chainmail website. Each short article identifies the model's special tricks, offers tactics to try with it, tells you which other models fear it, and more. This tactical information supplements the model descriptions, background detail, and warband strategy information in Chapters 5 and 6 of the Blood & Darkness Chainmail supplement. Make your warbands fight at the top of their form with Model Tactics!

Aasimar Cleric
Abyssal Eviscerator
Azer Trooper
Bugbear Trooper
Crazed Minotaur Cultist
Demonic Gnoll Archer
Dire Boar
Drow Warrior
Dwarf Lightning Lancer
Dwarf People's Guard
Dwarf Zealot
Ettin Trooper
Gnoll Monk
Gray Elf Imperial Noble
Half-Elf Sorcerer
Half-Orc Assassin
Hell Hound
Hobgoblin Adept
Human Paladin of Stratis
Human Shadow Priest
Drow Archer
Dwarf Hammer Priest
Dwarf Ranger
Dwarf Thunderlasher
Gnoll Cleric
Gnoll Warrior
Gray Elf Snakestrike Duelist
Gray Elf Warriors
Grimlock Trooper
Half-Dragon Mage
Half-Elf Cleric
Human Templar
Human Warriors
Ice Paraelemental
Ogre Delver
Ogre Penitent
Orc Champion
Orc Gangfighter
Orc Trooper
Salamander Trooper
Skeletal Dwarf
Skeletal Equiceph
Spiked Felldrake
Spitting Felldrake
Tiefling Fighter
Werebear Trooper
Werewolf Trooper
Wood Elf Skirmisher
Wood Elf Starstrike Archer
Zombie Minotaur
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