The Secret Cow Level
A Diablo II: To Hell and Back Web Enhancement

The Secret Cow Level is the most popular Easter egg in computer gaming history, and with this web enhancement you can milk it for all it's worth in your D&D/Diablo II games. All you need is a party of adventurers powerful enough to kill Diablo. You do have one of those, right? No? Well, send 'em back to Hell till they're tough enough to take out a demon lord. Because when they're done with that, a thousand moo-licious bovines intend to inflict udder depravity until they lay the adventurers low.

Are you still checking your vision on that last paragraph? That's right, we said a thousand cows, all with poleaxes. Got damage resistance?

Give the Devil His Due

Now you can play the Diablo II computer game as a tabletop D&D roleplaying game -- with all the fury, all the excitement, and all the monsters brought to life by your own imagination. Diablo II: To Hell and Back sends players through level after level of thrilling adventure in the pits of hell, battling hundreds of monsters for millions of experience points. Hell hath no fury like heroes unforewarned....

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Generate 1 Million Magic Items!

You can’t take on the legions of Hell with just a rusty dagger. You’re gonna need some firepower, and that’s where the magic items section of Diablo II: The Awakening adventure and sourcebook comes in. Every chest, barrel, and hacked-up monster has a chance of yielding powerful items for use in your fight against evil. Let’s say, a million of them…

Yes, The Awakening contains more than a million magical items -- and now so does our website! Our expanded online magic item generator offers new features, such as level and dungeon level selection. Check it out!


Diablo II: To Hell and Back

Third edition compliant! Every level and all four acts of the computer game are represented in the tabletop mega-adventure. Now available.


Diablo II: Diablerie

Over a million magic items, five character classes, and more than a hundred spells and skills bring the world of Diablo II to life. Now available.


Diablo II: The Awakening

Explore the dangerous world of Diablo II in this landmark AD&D adventure. Now available.


D&D Adventure Game, Diablo II Edition

Adventure through the exciting and dangerous world of the Diablo II computer game while learning the Dungeons & Dragons game! Now available.

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Diablo II Miniatures

CorrogueIn Fall 2000, our official Diablo II miniatures leaped from the computer screen to the tabletop, bringing your favorite heroes and monsters to terrifying life.

The Bloodstone Tomb D&D Diablo II Fast Play Rules

You’ve played the computer RPG. Now try the world’s greatest adventure game! This is the Dungeons & Dragons game set in the dark, deadly world of Diablo II. It’s an RPG experience without your computer.

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An Interview with
Mike Selinker

For the first time ever, the two greatest fantasy games of all time -- Diablo II and the Dungeons & Dragons game - are coming together. In this interview, Mike Selinker, Wizards of the Coast's creative director for licensed roleplaying games and an author of the Diablo II/D&D crossovers, talks to Diablo-megafan KingArthur of, a major fan site for Diablo II players.

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