Title Series Brand Author Date
Avenger (Hardcover) Avenger (Hardcover) Blades of the Moonsea, Book 3 Forgotten Realms Richard Baker 03/02/10
Elminster Ascending Elminster Ascending A Forgotten Realms Omnibus Forgotten Realms Ed Greenwood 11/02/10
Scream of Stone Scream of Stone The Watercourse Trilogy, Book III Forgotten Realms Philip Athans 06/01/07
Whisper of Waves Whisper of Waves The Watercourse Trilogy, Book I Forgotten Realms Philip Athans 11/01/05
Prophet of the Dead Prophet of the Dead Brotherhood of the Griffon, Book V Forgotten Realms Richard Lee Byers 02/05/13
The Last Threshold The Last Threshold Neverwinter Saga, Book IV Forgotten Realms R.A. Salvatore 03/05/13
Threat from the Sea Threat from the Sea (no category) Forgotten Realms Mel Odom 04/01/09
Downshadow Downshadow Ed Greenwood Presents Waterdeep Forgotten Realms Erik Scott de Bie 04/01/09
Unbroken Chain Unbroken Chain (no category) Forgotten Realms Jaleigh Johnson 07/06/10
Servant of the Shard Servant of the Shard The Sellswords, Book I Forgotten Realms R.A. Salvatore 06/01/05
Resurrection Resurrection R.A. Salvatore’s War of the Spider Queen, Book VI Forgotten Realms Paul S. Kemp 02/01/06
Elminster Must Die Elminster Must Die The Sage of Shadowdale, Book I Forgotten Realms Ed Greenwood 08/03/10
The Herald The Herald The Sundering, Book VI Forgotten Realms Ed Greenwood 06/03/14
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