March 2011 Content Calendar

Starting January 2011, magazine articles will be listed in their appropriate Dragon and Dungeon Table of Contents pages, but articles won’t be pinned to specific dates on the calendar. At the start of each week, we’ll post a news update announcing the magazine content that will appear that week.

This change will allow us greater flexibility to fully develop and edit articles as needed without requiring last-minute changes to the calendar. We will continue to evaluate and organize content across the site as needed in our effort to bring you the best possible Dungeons & Dragons material. As always, we welcome your thoughts and feedback; send them to

This editorial calendar is a living document. Content may be added, article titles may change, and articles may shift dates for scheduling reasons. The calendar will be updated accordingly to reflect changes.
DUN: Dungeon Magazine.
DRA: Dragon Magazine.
Free: Free Content.
Preview: Get an early look at completed game material.
Playtest: Try out and provide feedback on developing game material.
Release: Product Release Date.
Updated: D&DI Tool Update.