Read My Mind!
A psionic quiz by Bruce R. Cordell

Okay, everyone, this time I don’t want to see any wrong answers -- after all, the book is OUT now!

Question 13

A hoard of new feats suited to the psionic character is packed into the Psionics Handbook. The feat called Deep Impact allows the character to:

a) supercharge a weapon to do more damage per strike
b) strike foe with a melee weapon as if making a touch attack
c) stun the foe
d) make a lasting impression in all those she meets

Question 14

The Psionics Handbook is crammed with information about psionic classes, skills, feats, psionic powers, prestige classes, psionic items, and psionic monsters. How many of its 160 pages are devoted to psionic powers?

a) 78
b) 10
c) 40
d) oops: did I mention the accident at the printer’s


Question 15

Which of the following prestige classes is correctly matched with one of its special abilities?

a) Pyrokineticist – Weapon Afire (the pyrokineticist’s weapon is sheathed in flame)
b) Slayer – Blast Feedback (Psionic characters and creatures who use mind blast against you lose their power points)
c) Soulknife – Mind-Blade (You create a blade composed of your own psionic energy)
d) All of the above


Question 16

The Psionics Handbook introduces several new types of items, called psionic items, including psionic weapons, psionic armor, crystal capacitors, dorjes, psionic tattoos, and universal psionic items. Psionic tattoos:

a) store a power that the psionic character can activate
b) are inscribed on an enemy to steal his power
c) are brands that indicate whether a character has psionic power
d) always appear as the same funny little squiggle


Question 17

A psychoactive skin is a type of new universal psionic item described in the Psionics Handbook. A psychoactive skin:

a) is a type of magical skin disease that all psionic characters fear.
b) is created by evil creatures who defeat a psionic character, by separating a character from his skin
c) is psionically charged ectoplasm that coats a characters skin like a membrane, granting special powers.
d) Is a drug that causes ‘wicked cool’ visions.


Question 18

As described in the Psionics Handbook, an astral construct is a monster forged with Metacreative powers from raw ectoplasm. How many types of astral construct are there?

a) 1
b) 3
c) 9
d) like snowflakes, no two astral constructs are exactly alike


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