Read My Mind!
A psionic quiz by Bruce R. Cordell

Question 7

Unlike D&D spellcasters, psionic characters do not have spells per day or spell slots. Instead they blast their hated enemies using:

a) sheer determination
b) carefully deployed invective
c) power points
d) psionic powers per day, or power slots

Question 8

When two psionic characters want to kick the mental crap out of each other, they can resort to psionic combat! There are ________ psionic attack modes and an equal number of psionic defense modes.

a) 2
b) 20
c) 5
d) 1 really, really good one


Question 9

Psionic combat puts psionic entities in mind-to-mind conflict. When one psionic character uses a psionic attack mode on another character, the defender can raise a psionic defense mode (unless flatfooted). What determines the success or failure of the attack mode?

a) a Will saving throw
b) a draw from the Psionic Combat card deck
c) an opposed power point check
d) rock, paper, scissors


Question 10

Psionic characters may have one, some, or all of the standard attack modes and/or defense modes. One of the attack modes is called:

a) brainhammer
b) psychic shout
c) psychic itch
d) id insinuation


Question 11

The Psionics Handbook introduces a few never-before-seen skills that provide the psionic character with abilities the average character can only dream about. One of those new skills is:

a) Llama Hurling
b) Computer Use
c) Water Witching
d) Autohypnosis


Question 12

One of the new skills found in the Psionics Handbook that only psionic characters can get is called Stabilize Self. This skill allows the psionic character to:

a) walk a tightrope with no fear of falling
b) recover from an emotional jag
c) avoid succumbing to a mortal wound
d) never, ever fall down.


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