Character Name Generator
Input the first and last letters of your first name.*
NOTE: The letters you select will be used to approximate the name from our list of prefixes, suffixes, and surnames. However some letters of the alphabet do not have an exact match on these lists.
Input the first letter of your surname (last name).*
*Hint: You can generate more new names by entering the first letter of your friends’ names instead of your own, or by just entering random letters. (Not selecting will yield a random result)
Is the character male or female?


Character’s race:
Note that the name generator produces names for player character races only.

Character’s class:
For multiclass characters, choose the class in which the character is most powerful or uses skills most often. A choice with an (NPC) designation is one of the NPC classes listed in the Dungeon Master’s Guide.
Character’s profession:
Is the character noble or commoner?


How famous is the character?
Judge on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being an unknown or new hero, 5 a hero well-known locally, and 10 a far-spread legend or near-mythical personage. You may also halve the character’s level (round down) and use that number to rank his or her fame.

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