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What're You Reading This for? GO!
By Mat Smith

So, these past ten months have been a gamer's dream. I mean, just getting the job here is more than enough, right? And the one of my jobs -- right from the beginning -- has been to do this Realmswatch article.

That entailed reading the manuscript for the book while it was in the works. And getting to ask the game designers questions. And working with Rich Baker to decide what excerpts to show. And emailing Ed Greenwood. What a great deal.

And the best part, all along, has been getting to this -- give you folks an inside look at what's going on and what's coming.

Really. I mean, how cool is it to be: (1) A gamer working at Wizards, and (2) the gamer that gets to tell all the other gamers what's going on? Yeah -- it's pretty cool.

Anyway, as fun, interesting and exciting as the Realmswatch been, it's over.

That sounds sad, until you realize what it means: the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting is now out there!

June: It's Here

After nine months of counting down, the new Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting has finally hit the streets. And if you're actually reading this, I can only assume you've already gotten your copy.

If you haven't, you'd best get to it. 'Cause if the launch event we had at the Southcenter Wizards of the Coast store here in Tukwila, Washington is any indication, people are going to be snatching up copies as if they were rabid dingoes at a free lunchmeat sample counter. I'm not kidding -- go now. We'll wait here.

(Insert mad dash to your favorite hobby or game store.)

Okay, you've now got your copy. Look at it, will you?

"Wow," you say. And that's about all you can say.

Yes. The Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting very nearly defies any sort of description beyond just that. Of course, given some time, you'll be able to start adding other interjections, perhaps even adjectives. Eventually you'll recover the ability to assemble entire phrases and sentences.

All right, maybe it's not quite as mind-numbingly staggering as that, but it really does come close. It's just a beautiful book -- inside and out. And when you start reading it, you will (as promised) be amazed by just how much stuff is in there.

Just flip through -- it's a gold mine of neat-o.

Now, every time I write one of these, I ramble on about the stuff you're going to find inside the book when it comes out. And every time I flip through it, I find something new to ramble on about. (The goofy thing being I've already read the manuscript from cover to cover. How can there be anything new?)

One of the bits that caught my eye on my first trip through was the Trade Routes and Resources map on pages 88 and 89. (Or as Matt Sernett, Assistant Editor of Dragon Magazine and Dungeon Magazine described it, the "guns and butter page.") It's like something right out of a Social Studies class on the Realms -- it's just so real. (And who would have thought that such a fine supply of whale oil came from the Wealdath Forest in Amn? It doesn't really, but it's funny to think that.)

And check out the drawings of Alusair Obarskyr and Caladnei on pages 114 and 115. The new regent and court magician of Cormyr are so cool, and they have a lot going on in their corner of Faerûn.

I've been telling you for months that you're going to be amazed at what's between the rune-warded covers when it hits the shelves, and now it's out there.

Finally, you get to flip through the pages on your own. And you can find out for yourself just how huge this one phenomenal book really is.

So, crack open that book. Put the map on your wall. And start drinking it all in.

It's time explore the new Forgotten Realms setting.

Have fun.

About the Author

Mat Smith is a copywriter who's been here for just over ten months now, but has been playing Dungeons & Dragons and waiting to get a job with the company that makes it for well over 18 years. Now, he gets to spend most of his days thinking about new ways to tell everyone in the world to play D&D, which is, without question, the coolest thing ever.

His 22nd-level, 1st-edition bard started kicking around the Forgotten Realms back in 1989 and is currently vacationing in the Murloch Vale of the Moonshae Islands.

This month, he's still coming to terms with not getting to do the Realmswatch any more, and is trying to figure out how to cope with all the pent-up excitement he'll be spontaneously generating every time he gets a look at something new that's in the works around here, which is one of the niftiest things going with this whole job at Wizards of the Coast thing.


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