Conquer the World!

You have the warbands, and you have the skill. It's time to prove yourself in the field with the Chainmail Miniatures Game League. As a DCI-sanctioned program, it's a great place to test your mettle and meet new players -- all while competing for cool prizes and invitations to championship events.

You don't have to be an undefeated warmaster to play. Players of all skill levels will have a chance to fight. And win.

Each season consists of five weeks. Die-hard campaigners will find plenty of action every week, while more time-constrained types will have the opportunity to prove themselves in one-day DCI tournaments. You don't have to join the League to compete in the tournaments, but League participation will give you an edge when the dice start flying.

The League rewards the victorious with alternate pose models of existing Chainmail models and, for the truly stalwart, "Champion Player" bases for use with any Chainmail model. And every victory increases your international ranking, too. Prizes and prestige. To the victor go the spoils.

Take on the world. One table at a time.

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