Model Tactics

This series of regular strategy articles helps you get the most out of each new Chainmail model. Written by two of the game's codesigners, Bruce R. Cordell and Rob Heinsoo, these expert tips are exclusive to the Chainmail website. Each short article identifies the model's special tricks, offers tactics to try with it, tells you which other models fear it, and more. This tactical information supplements the model descriptions, background detail, and warband strategy information in Chapters 5 and 6 of the Blood & Darkness Chainmail supplement. Make your warbands fight at the top of their form with Model Tactics!

Werebear Trooper

The Werebear Trooper is the powerful mercenary the side of Good has been hoping for, adding a huge punch and staying power to any Thalos, Mordengard, or Ravilla warband.

Half-Elf Cleric

The Half-Elf Cleric’s spells can make all your models fight better, provide powerful cures, and eliminate the threat of powerful enemy commanders at a distance.

Spiked Felldrake

It slices, it dices, it spits spiked death from afar. The Spiked Felldrake may be as close as the felldrakes come to measuring up to the true dragons. Its ranged attack proves a threat to anyone, even enemies with Damage Reduction. Its melee capability allows it to take on Naresh and Drazen baddies on nearly even terms.

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