Chainmail Comprehensive Rules
Updates Complete

Dear Fans,

Some of you have asked whether we'll be updating the Chainmail Comprehensive Rules to include the special abilities of all the Set 5 models. While we're going to put the statistics for these models on the web site in a pdf as time permits, we aren't releasing most of the models from Set 5.

Currently, the Comprehensive Rules include the special abilities of all the models we are actually releasing, including the three Set 5 models that appear in the Dragons I, Dragons II, and Monsters III boxes. Since the other Set 5 models won't be released and won't be legal in organized play, we will not be including their special abilities in the Comprehensive Rules downloadable document, which is designed to support organized play.

All the special abilities for the Set 5 models are available in the Chainmail Core Rulebook, which is available as a for-pay electronic download for $9.99 from SVGames.

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