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Bonus Peek

Chainmail Set 4 Sneak Peek
(August 2002)

You may have seen earlier pictures of Chainmail models in previous Sneak Peek features (and if not, check out the archive below at left). Now take a look at these Set 4 models coming out in August.

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No corpse goes unnoticed by Ahmut's necromancers. The Zombie Minotaur is nearly unstoppable, a giant of rotting violence.

Two heads and two enormous clubs, combined with a giant's size and strength, give the Ettin Trooper a terrible advantage in battle. Just the sight of one strikes fear into the heart of Drazen's opponents.

This specially trained Mordengard soldier wields the lightning lance, an elemental weapon that shoots electricity and also serves as a polearm in melee.

The Werewolf Trooper thirsts for blood and mayhem, and its vicious nature and combat toughness readily fit in with Naresh's forces.


The most fearsome creature of its kind, the Spiked Felldrake aids Ravilla with its dangerous spikes, which it fires in deadly volleys. In close combat it dishes out and can withstand a lot of punishment.

Although Ravilla and Thalos are enemies, there is still contact between their peoples outside the battlefield. The Half-Elf Cleric serves the Shield Mother faithfully in the armies of Queen Almira XXI.

Werebears, although lycanthropes like werewolves, are beings of good. The Werebear Trooper lends its mighty axe to any cause devoted to fighting evil.


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