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Bonus Peek

Chainmail Set 4 Sneak Peek
(Attack of the Drow)

You may have seen earlier pictures of Chainmail models in previous Sneak Peek features (and if not, check out the archive below at left). Now take a look at the Set 4 models coming in the Attack of the Drow faction box in August 2002.

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House Kilsek was exiled from the Vault of the Drow, their ancestral homeland. The haughty Drow Wizard is one of many who accompanied the high priestess Venrit on the exodus. Now they wield terrible magic in the quest to win the Godwar and a new empire.

Drow rangers patrolled the tunnels that extend for many miles around the Vault of the Drow. Though banished, the Drow Ranger still guides Kilsek's forces through the gloom of the Underdark with sharp eyes and swift blades.

For generations House Kilsek used displacer beasts in its Grand Hunt. On entering exile, Venrit made sure to bring her deadly pets with her. The ravenous Displacer Beast is never quite where it seems, striking from the shadows with cruel rakes of its tentacles.

The Troglodyte Warrior is one of a tribe that serves Kilsek in exchange for the fresh meat of enemies. Its vile stench overpowers and confuses most living opponents.


A disciplined combatant, the Drow Soldier is the core of House Kilsek's forces. With its obedience and martial expertise, it is a dependable front-line troop.

The drow have conscripted the fishlike kuo-toa into their forces. Fierce and cruel, the Kuo-Toa Trooper now lends its spear to the defense of House Kilsek.


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