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Bonus Peek

Chainmail Set 4 Sneak Peek
(July 2002)

You may have seen earlier pictures of Chainmail models in previous Sneak Peek features (and if not, check out the archive below at left). Now take a look at the Set 4 models coming out in July.

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With its magic longbow and magic arrows, the Wood Elf Starstrike Archer can strike all enemies of Ravilla with uncanny accuracy.

Assassins work not only for gold but for promises of power in Ahmut's new order. The Half-Orc Assassin is master of the stealthy, deadly strike.

The Gnoll Monk is a specialist soldier for Naresh, trained to use fists, feet, and three-section staff in a deadly flurry of attacks.

A cruel being from the Elemental Plane of Fire, the Salamander Trooper is happy to plunge its red-hot spear into mortal flesh.

Half-elves are shunned in Ravilla's schools of wizardry, and those with magical talent must turn to the forbidden art of sorcery. Having found a welcome in Thalos, the Half-Elf Sorcerer lends its power to Her Majesty's Forces of Justice.

These valuable members of the People's Legion of Mordengard are trained to defend their companions by skillfully interposing their bodies. Youthful orc draftees into Drazen's Horde sometimes take on the role of "gangfighters" or "spearslaves," aiding their companions' attacks by distracting enemies with spear jabs.

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