Chainmail Brand to Be
Discontinued after August 2002

We have some important news that we need to share with all of you. After a careful examination, the publishing business unit of Wizards of the Coast has determined that it needs to make a strategic shift in the miniatures category. We will no longer promote the Chainmail brand. Wizards will continue to produce miniatures, and we are currently working on our 2003 schedule, along with a business plan for a game that uses the Dungeons & Dragons brand. We intend to make the new game backward-compatible with Chainmail.

What this decision means is that there will be a few changes to our release schedule for the remainder of 2002. The Chainmail Core Rulebook will be made available as an electronic download rather than a printed product, and the September Set 4 and all Set 5 miniatures boosters will not be released. We will, however, release the Kilsek faction box, the City of the Spider Queen box set, and Dragons I, Dragons II, Monsters II and III, and Heroes II and III box sets.

Wizards of the Coast would like to publicly thank all the retailers, distributors, and game players who have supported the line and the employees who put so much hard work into the Chainmail products. It was a labor of love, and your support has been appreciated.

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