Model Conversion and Use

Conversions (customization of models) are allowed in all Wizards of the Coast Leagues and DCI-sanctioned tournaments but must adhere to the following rules.

  • The base model (the model that's being converted) must be a Chainmail model.
  • The base model must remain easily identifiable. A player must be able to tell what each model is on first glance at the playfield.
  • Additional equipment (including weaponry) may not be placed on a model if is not represented on the model's statistics card. For example, a player may not add a crossbow to a model that doesn't have a ranged attack.

Model Use Policy

These rules cover the use of models in all Wizards of the Coast leagues and DCI sanctioned tournaments.

  • All base models must be Wizards of the Coast Chainmail models.
  • All base models must be easily identifiable as required by the model conversion policy.
  • The Set 5 Stat Cards are not allowed in the Chainmail League.

All models must be assembled. Damaged models (such as those with bent weapons or missing pieces) are legal, provided they are still easily identifiable. Models do not have to be painted.

Want to know more? Talk with other League players on our Chainmail message board.


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