What Is DCI Sanctioning?

DCI sanctioning for Chainmail League tournaments began January 1, 2002. The DCI is an organization that creates standardized rules for play and tournament reporting procedures. Playing in sanctioned League events allows you to compete on the world stage by earning worldwide ratings. You get to see exactly where you stand against other Chainmail League players and, in the future, ratings will be used to issue invitations to Championship events.

Ask your League store if their events are sanctioned. It's not much harder than running the League unsanctioned, and the store can report results online. To sanction their League tournaments, stores should contact Wizards of the Coast by email at DCI@wizards.com.

For Players

By playing in sanctioned events, you will affect your own individual DCI rating and can change your ranking in your local area and for the entire world. For some Championship events, higher ratings can earn you invitations.

To look at your personal statistics, make sure you have your DCI number handy. If you do not have a DCI number yet, simply participate in any sanctioned tournament, and the organizer will provide one for you for free.

For League Stores

Running DCI-sanctioned tournaments is a great service you can offer your players, keeping them involved in organized play at your location for a long time to come.

The DCI creates standardized rules for play and tournament reporting procedures so your players know what to expect when they attend your tournaments. DCI sanctioning also allows them to build ratings and rankings, which gives them local prestige and the possibility of taking their play to the highest levels.

The DCI uses the Elo rating system for most games it supports. This method of calculating player ratings and rankings allows players to gain or lose points based on the strength of the opponent they are facing. For more information about the Elo system, please refer to Appendix A of the Universal Tournament Rules.

For more details on sanctioned tournament play, take a look at the Chainmail Floor Rules.

To sanction your League tournaments, contact Wizards of the Coast by email at DCI@wizards.com.

Want to know more? Talk with other League players on our Chainmail message board.


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