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Gather your forces. The war is only beginning but the lines are clearly drawn and…


And this is where we tell you how. The Chainmail Miniatures Game League is a great way to play the game, meet other players, build up international rankings, and earn exclusive prizes like promotional models.

The Basics

The Chainmail Miniatures Game League operates on a season schedule. A new season starts every five weeks. Each time the season changes, you'll get to play with new scenarios, new models and play conditions, and compete for new prizes.

Your League store designates a special League night each week. Bring your models to the store that night and you'll be paired up with opponents. It's a good idea to know how to play before you arrive, so make sure to try our Online Demo and maybe even bring with you a copy of the Chainmail comprehensive rules to use as a reference during the game.

What Is League Play Like?

The first part of a season is a four-week League. During this time, you pair up and play as much as you can, trying to earn points. New participants start out the League with 50 points, and you win or lose points based on how well you do in League play. Track your point totals on your Player Scoresheet, which you receive your first night at the League.

As you earn points, you earn greater prestige as follows:

20 or fewer
Bandit Leader

During the league part of a season, players can play any opponent, with the following restrictions:

  • A player cannot play an opponent consecutively; he or she must play someone else before playing the same opponent again.
  • A player cannot play against another player who is three or more titles below or above him or her; or, if this leaves the player with no opponents, a player instead cannot play against another player who is ranked (through score) more than three players above or below him or her, regardless of title.

At the end of the four weeks, the top two players in points each earn a prize: exclusive model variants like the ones pictured below.

Each season, League play uses different rules and conditions, to keep things interesting. Check at your local League store for the new season's information, or check out the current season online. You'll want to stock up on the models open for use in the current season; check your League store's stock or browse the Wizards Online Store's Chainmail section.


What Is Tournament Play Like?

The second part of the season involves a one-day tournament in which players are seeded according to the points they earned from the League. This tournament takes place during the fifth week on the last day of the season. The top four players in the tournament each earn a prize: a pewter Champion Player base.

Most tournaments for Wizards of the Coast games use rules created by the DCI. (The DCI is Wizards of the Coast's official tournament sanctioning body.) These tournaments are run very much like chess tournaments. Each round, players are divided into matches based on their win-loss record (called Swiss pairings). Each match is either one game or best two-out-of-three, and each round has a time limit to ensure the tournament can finish in a reasonable amount of time.

After a set number of rounds the eight players with the best records enter the finals. The number of rounds needed to determine the top eight depends on how many players are in the tournament, but is usually no more than eight rounds. The finals are single-elimination (much like the NCAA basketball tournaments). So, after one round, four players remain. After two rounds, two players remain. The third round of the finals determines the winner of the tournament.

If you need more information about DCI tournament rules, check out the Universal Tournament Rules and the Chainmail Floor Rules. Tournaments are fun, but they can be tough. They are a great way to learn about good sportsmanship, the rigors of competition, and the rewards for hard practice in a friendly but competitive environment.

How Do I Join?

Just show up at a League store on League night and join in the fun! The organizer will give you a Player Scoresheet and, if you need one, a DCI number. Best of all, you can find the League at a toy, game, or hobby store near you.

Want to know more? Talk with other League players on our Chainmail message board.


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