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Bonus Peek

Chainmail Set 3 Sneak Peek
(May 2002)

You may have seen earlier pictures of Chainmail models in previous Sneak Peek features. Now take a look at the Set 3 models coming out in May.

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A hideous undead creation, the Gallowsgaunt is the animated corpse of a hanged criminal combined with limbs from the tree of its death. The monstrous Dire Boar is immensely powerful and far too stubborn to admit when it's dead. The Dwarf Zealot burns with revolutionary fervor. It lives only to charge into battle against enemies of Mordengard. Another fiendish crossbreed, the Demonic Gnoll Archer launches arrows from a mighty bow. Unlike many ranged troops, it's even better in melee.
Elves tend to be individualistic, but the Gray Elf Imperial Noble has a proud lineage and a presence that earns respect from those under its command. The Human Templar is a holy warrior who defends the Shield Mother's temples in peace and furthers her cause in war. A diabolical creature of fire, the Hell Hound might be an emissary from the devil realms or simply an opportunistic predator.

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