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Bonus Peek

Chainmail Set 3 Sneak Peek
(April 2002)

You may have seen earlier pictures of Chainmail models in previous Sneak Peek features. Now take a look at the Set 3 models coming out in April.

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The Human Shadow Priest is a fighting cleric of Nerull uses deadly trickery to wage slaughter in the deity's name. Maglubiyet, the patron of goblinoid races, is a harsh, demanding deity. The Hobgoblin Adept serves him with cruelty and many sacrifices. A militant cleric of Moradin, the Dwarf Hammer Priest specializes in protective magic while pounding down the dwarves' foes with its mighty maul. The brutish Abyssal Eviscerator is trained to fight in darkness and to hunt down enemies. It uses its four arms to tear prey apart before devouring it.
Offspring of a silver dragon and a gray elf, the Half-Dragon Mage can cast spells, fight in melee, and breathe a wintry blast to stop enemies cold. Though Stratis is dead, his fanatic paladins carry on the deity's mission to spread war throughout the world. This fiery cousin to Mordengard's dwarves blazes with the light of its own flame.  

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