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Downloadable Terrain

Controlling the territory where you’ll fight a battle gives you a strategic advantage you don’t want to miss. Now, you can bring even more terrain to the table with these downloadable versions of the Chainmail game’s terrain cards. Woods, hedgerows, quagmires, stake barriers – now you can always be sure to have the most advantageous terrain for your warband.

The terrain patterns below come from the Starter Set and faction boxes. In addition to downloading the pattern(s) of your choice, you’ll also need a copy of the Terrain Rules Summary, for the movement cost, cover, line of sight, and special effects of each terrain. And don't miss the Free Bonus Terrain created by Christopher West that was given to visitors of the Wizards booth at GenCon 2002.

Terrain Rules Summary
Includes Basic and Expansion Terrain
as well as the Free Bonus Terrain.
Download (74k ZIP/PDF)
Basic Terrain
Briars Download (940k ZIP/PDF)
Hedgerow Download (932k ZIP/PDF)
High Wall Download (744k ZIP/PDF)
Hill Download (788k ZIP/PDF)
Hut Download (744k ZIP/PDF)
Low Wall Download (816k ZIP/PDF)
Mausoleum Download (536k ZIP/PDF)
Quagmire Download (660k ZIP/PDF)
Row of Headstones Download (760k ZIP/PDF)
Row of Trees Download (880k ZIP/PDF)
Stake Barrier Download (432k ZIP/PDF)
Woods Download (432k ZIP/PDF)
Expansion Terrain
Halls of Good and Evil Download (76k ZIP/PDF)
Web and Murder Slab Download (45k ZIP/PDF)
Ruined Tower and Giant Tree Download (146k ZIP/PDF)
Sacred Circle and Hissing Pool Download (194k ZIP/PDF)
Large Hill Download (318k ZIP/PDF)
Dragon Claw Download (214k ZIP/PDF)
Dragon Skull Download (167k ZIP/PDF)
Bonus Terrain

Magma Pool

Download (140k ZIP/PDF)
Boulder Piles Download (147k ZIP/PDF)
Chasm Download (129k ZIP/PDF)
Sinkhole Download (126k ZIP/PDF)
Row of Stalagmites Download (131k ZIP/PDF)
Subterranean Pool Download (141k ZIP/PDF)
Terrain Sets

Basic Set: This file includes all 12 basic terrain pdf's as well as the terrain rules summary. Download (8.5mb ZIP/PDF)
Expansion Set: This file includes all 7 expansion terrain pdf's as well as the terrain rules summary. Download (1.2mb ZIP/PDF)

Bonus Set: This file includes all 6 bonus terrain pdf's as well as the terrain rules summary. Download (885k ZIP/PDF)
All Sets: This single download includes all individual terrain pdf's as well as the terrain rules summary. Download (10.4mb ZIP/PDF)

You will need Winzip and Adobe Acrobat Reader v.5.0 to view these PDF files. Download them free!

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