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Bonus Peek

Sneak Peek

(Part 7)

You may have seen earlier pictures of Chainmail models in previous "Sneak Peek" features. Now take a look at the Set 1 models coming out in November.

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The Halfling Sneak is an opportunistic grave robber who’s not above helping Ahmut’s forces.

Untamed ferocity coupled with high health and incredible damage make the Owlbear a feared member of Drazen’s Horde.

Mordengard gets much-needed ranged support from the Dwarf Raider, a specially trained mountain troop.

Another Dwarf Raider

Gnoll Archers back up Naresh’s troops with numbers and enthusiasm, if not expertise.

With its devastating charge, the Horned Felldrake is the perfect leadoff for a Ravilla assault.

The Swiftwing sect of monks have descended from their mountain retreats to join Thalos’s cause.

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