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D&D Chainmail
Sneak Peek
(Part 6)

You may have seen pictures of the D&D Chainmail skirmishes on our Virtual Gen Con pages. Now take an closer look at some of the upcoming models for this exciting miniatures skirmish game. In this mini-gallery, we spotlight a model from each of the games' six factions: Ahmut, Drazen, Mordengard, Naresh, Ravilla, and Thalos.

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The Half-Orc Fighter is dedicated to Ahmut and his cult of death.

The Goblin Scout offers Drazen's Horde both intelligence gathering and sniper fire.

The Demonic Gnoll Adept serves Naresh as a healer and a killer, a spiritual guide and a war leader.

The headstrong and powerful Centaur Trooper is a mighty ally of Ravilla.

A feared sharpshooter, Thalos's Gnome Infiltrator
picks off enemies with his custom repeating crossbow.

Bonus image: A graveyard encounter.
Human Paladin against Human Death Cleric
-- who's stronger?

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