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D&D Chainmail
Sneak Peek
(Part 5)

You may have seen pictures of the D&D Chainmail skirmishes on our Virtual Gen Con pages. Now take an closer look at some of the upcoming models for this exciting miniatures skirmish game. In this mini-gallery, we spotlight a model from each of the games' six factions: Ahmut, Drazen, Mordengard, Naresh, Ravilla, and Thalos.

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Ahmut's Zombie Troglodyte is slow but methodical and difficult to stop.

Drazen's Horde is an undisciplined bunch that need someone to tell them who's boss -- the Hobgoblin Fighter.

The Dwarf Fighter leads Mordengard's legions with passion and might.

Masses of Gnoll Troopers are the vanguard of Naresh's armies.

Ravilla's Gray Elf Duelist thirsts to do battle with his signature double-bladed sword.

Thalos's Human Sorcerer hurls devastating magic in the service of the Shield Mother.

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