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D&D Chainmail
Sneak Peek
(Part 3)

You may have seen pictures of the D&D Chainmail skirmishes on our Virtual Gen Con pages. Now take an closer look at some of the upcoming models for this exciting miniatures skirmish game. In this mini-gallery, we spotlight a model from each of the games' six factions: Ahmut, Drazen, Mordengard, Naresh, Ravilla, and Thalos.

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Ahmut is quite content to recycle slain opponents into undead legions, as this Skeletal Orc proves.

The Orc Berserker charges heedlessly into battle, the most effective shock troop in Drazen's Horde.

Moradin's clerics were staunch supporters of Mordengard's revolution and bolster troops in battle.

The Gnoll Ranger is Naresh's answer to those pesky elves.

The Wood Elf Scout shoots down Ravilla's enemies with her handcrafted longbow.

The Human Paladin fearlessly leads Thalos's armies for queen, country, and goddess.

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