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Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting Spell List
By Sean K Reynolds

As the release date of the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting grows near, many gamers have wondered aloud about what spells are included in the new campaign setting. Never say we don't aim to please, because here's the list, plus what school and level each spell has.

The abbreviation "Hrp" in the level listing refers to the Harper Scout prestige class, and the abbreviation "Hth" refers to the Hathran (witch of Rashemen) prestige class. The level line may also refer to new domains presented in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting such as Craft, Gnome, Moon, and Trade.

Aganazzar's Scorcher; Evocation [Fire]; Sor/Wiz 2; Path of fire deals 1d8/2 levels.

Analyze Portal; Divination; Brd 3, Portal 2, Sor/Wiz 3; Detects and analyzes portals within 60 ft.

Anyspell; Transmutation; Spell 3; Read and prepare an arcane spell up to 2nd level.

Armor of Darkness; Abjuration [Darkness]; Darkness 4; Aura gives darkvision and +3 +1/4 levels deflection.

Blacklight; Evocation [Darkness]; Darkness 3, Sor/Wiz 3; 20-ft. radius of supernatural darkness you can see through.

Claws of Darkness; Illusion (Shadow); Sor/Wiz 2; Your hands become reach melee touch attacks that deal 1d4 cold, plus slow.

Cloak of Dark Power; Abjuration; Drow 1; Subject is protected from effects of sunlight and resists light or darkness spells.

Create Magic Tattoo; Conjuration (Creation); Sor/Wiz 2; Subject receives a magical tattoo with various effects.

Darkbolt; Evocation [Darkness]; Darkness 5; Shoot bolts of darkness that deal 2d8 damage plus daze.

Eagle's Splendor; Transmutation; Brd 2, Hrp 2, Sor/Wiz 2, Trade 3; Subject gains 1d4+1 Cha for 1 hr./level.

Elminster's Evasion; Evocation; Sor/Wiz; 9 Enhanced contingency spell that teleports you under six possible conditions.

Fantastic Machine; Illusion (Shadow); Craft 6, Gnome 6; Creates a Large animated object that performs tasks.

Fire Stride; Transmutation [Teleportation]; Sor/Wiz 4; Multiple-use dimension door that works only through large fires.

Flashburst; Evocation [Fire]; Hth 3, Sor/Wiz 3; Flash of light dazzles and blinds in a 20-ft. burst.

Flensing; Evocation; Sor/Wiz 8; Trauma deals 2d6 hp damage and 1d6 Cha and Con damage.

Gate Seal; Abjuration; Brd 6, Clr 6, Drd 6, Sor/Wiz 6; Permanently seals a gate or portal.

Gembomb; Conjuration (Creation) [Force]; Gnome 2, Trade 2; Converts gems to bombs.

Great Shout; Evocation [Sonic]; Sor/Wiz 8; Deafens and stuns all within cone and deals 2d6 damage.

Greater Anyspell; Transmutation; Spell 6; Read and prepare an arcane spell up to 5th level.

Greater Fantastic Machine; Illusion (Shadow); Craft 9; As fantastic machine, but more powerful.

Grimwald's Graymantle; Necromancy; Sor/Wiz 5; Target is prevented from regaining hit points by any means.

Lesser Ironguard; Abjuration; Sor/Wiz 5; Subject becomes immune to nonmagical metal.

Maelstrom; Conjuration (Creation); Ocean 8; Vortex forms in water, sucking in creatures and objects for 3d8 damage per round.

Maw of Stone; Transmutation; Cavern 7; Causes a cave opening or tunnel to animate and bite intruders.

Moon Blade; Evocation; Hth 3, Moon 3; Touch attack deals 1d8 +1/2 levels, more to undead, plus scrambles spellcasting.

Moon Path; Evocation [Force]; Hth 5, Moon 5; Creates a nearly indestructible bridge that protects those on it.

Moonbeam; Evocation [Light]; Hth 2, Moon 2; Moveable beam of light that penetrates darkness and forces lycanthropes to change shape.

Moonfire; Evocation [Light]; Moon 9; Cone of moonlight deals 1d8 damage/2 levels, more to undead and shapechangers, reveals magic and disguises, negates electricity.

Scatterspray; Transmutation; Hrp 1, Hth 1, Sor/Wiz 1; Targeted items scatter in a burst dealing 1d8 normal or subdual damage.

Shadow Mask; Illusion (Shadow); Hrp 2, Sor/Wiz 2; Shadows hide your face and protect against darkness, light, and gazes.

Shadow Spray; Illusion (Shadow); Sor/Wiz 2; Shadows daze targets and deal 2 points of Str damage.

Snilloc's Snowball Swarm; Evocation [Cold]; Sor/Wiz 2; Deals 1d6 cold/2 levels to a 10-ft. radius.

Spider Curse; Transmutation [Mind-Affecting]; Spider 6; Target becomes a driderlike creature that obeys you.

Spider Shapes; Transmutation; Spider 9; Transform 1 willing creature/level into a poisonous shapechanging spider.

Spiderform; Transmutation; Drow 5; As polymorph self, but only into drider or spider form, with poison and web use.

Stone Spiders; Transmutation; Spider 7; Transforms pebbles into stone constructs resembling spiders, or gives vermin stoneskin.

Thunderlance; Evocation [Force]; Sor/Wiz 4; Lance of force deals 2d6 damage, plus can dispel force effects.

Waterspout; Conjuration (Creation); Ocean 7; Moving waterspout on water batters for 3d8 damage, can trap creatures or very small boats.

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