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The Long-Lost 1988 Forgotten Realms Newsletter

1988? Surely that's a typo for some overdue 1998 project, right? Nope.

Gather round and let me tell you a story. When the old gray box—the original Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting box—came out, the customer response card had a fancy new format: It included a membership card and a response card that allowed you to sign up for a newsletter.

The membership card read:

And on the flip side:

Upon closer inspection:


License: Be it known by this placard, that the bearer, by virtue of daring deeds and unflagging service in the name of goodness, is herewith granted license to tell tall tales, embolden endeavors, and exaggerate exploits that bear a passing resemblance to real or imagined trials and tribulations suffered by his sponsored champion!

_____________________________________________________ Champion of Note

_____________________________________________________________ Sponsor

And the offer for membership in the Order of Heroes said that companions of the Order of Heroes would "receive periodic parchments from the pen of Elminster highlighting new product offerings, rumors of adventurers and legends in the offing, dissertations on surviving in the land of changing magic, an recent discoveries."

Unfortunately, a communication gap existed within TSR at that time about this new, creative format for the response card. Once the fact that it promised a newsletter was discovered, the company scrambled to write and produce one so as not to leave a promise to the fans unfulfilled. However, only one newsletter was ever pulled together and produced -- this one.

The newsletter features an introduction by Elminster; a map of the North; information on Aglarond, Evermeet, and Halruaa; and writeups about upcoming products -- upcoming in 1988, that is.

Download Secrets of the Sages (the 1988 Forgotten Realms Newsletter). (768k PDF file)


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