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You don’t have to be a great artist to have an illustrated character record sheet. Now the staff of Dragon brings the magazine’s popular "PC Portraits" feature to the Web! Each week we will present a new batch of illustrations straight from the pages of Dragon. One of them could become your character. You can print them out just as they are, or download them to modify in a graphics program.

Once you’ve selected an image for your player character, tell us about the character’s background on Dragon’s message board! Just visit our message boards home page and log on to Dragon’s board from the topics page. Or, use these illustrations to create a new PC with our Character Generator demo!

Dragon Issue #266
Illustrated by Jim Crabtree

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"I've been involved in roleplaying games since high school," say Jim Crabtree. "One of the most enjoyable aspects of the game to me has always been creating images to flesh out my character, because I have no character myself. I've always had fun drawing people and creatures, so there ya go."

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