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The Tower of Deception
by Monte Cook

As the characters spy the tower, read the following:

Splintered and smashed, at least a dozen ships lay slain at the feet of the grand tower built upon the tiny rocky islet. Some have rotted there so long, they are almost unrecognizable as seafaring craft, while others still sport the remains of tattered sails and rigging that blow in the salty breeze.

The tower itself is actually five towers joined together. The central tower is the tallest and quite massive, with a pulsating yellow light at its very top. The discolored, aged, brownish stones are covered with a dark, wet slime from years of seaspray. There are no signs of life.

The tower is about 180 feet tall. Exploring the wrecked ships is a time-consuming and dangerous enterprise. Every half hour, roll on this chart. Do not repeat encounters. Instead, treat results that you've already rolled as "no encounter."

d% Result

No encounter
The weight on the ship being explored causes it to shift, splinter, and collapse. All involved in the search must make Reflex saving throws (DC 20). Failure means that the character suffers 2d6 points of damage from the fall and the cuts from the splintered wood. (Flying characters take no damage.)

3d6 Medium zombies, dressed like sailors, rise up from the water and attack.

Zombies (3d6): 16 hp each; Monster Manual p. 191


1d6 wraiths attack from one of the wrecked ships. They moan, "Deceivers! Murderers!"

Wraiths (1d6): 32 hp each; Monster Manual p. 185


A pair of chuul rise up out of the water and attack. If one is slain, the other retreats back underwater.

Chuul (2): hp 90, 103; Monster Manual p. 36


1d3 spectres attack seemingly from nowhere (with an automatic surprise round).

Spectres (1d3): 45 hp each; Monster Manual p. 169

Every half hour, the characters exploring should make Search checks (DC 20). If anyone succeeds, roll on the following chart to determine what they found. Do not repeat results -- if you get the same result twice, reroll. Once all results are found, none others are possible.

d% Item

100 feet of usable rope
Planks salvageable to make a raft (Craft [carpenter] check at DC 15 , takes about two hours)
A barrel with enough fresh water for four people for four days
A bolt of fine silk, well preserved, worth 100 gp
A pair of masterwork scimitars
A small coffer with 248 gp and 312 sp
A rotted logbook from the Bonny Trader. It indicates that after the ship ran aground here, the remaining crew was attacked by "strange beasts that were all mouth, disappeared after biting your leg off." The writer believed a powerful wizard lived in the tower.
A keelboat that -- with a full day's work and a Profession (shipwright) or Craft (carpenter) check (DC 18) -- could be fully repaired

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