Model Tactics
Chainmail Set 4: Spiked Felldrake
By Rob Heinsoo

Model: Spiked Felldrake

Faction: Ravilla

Why It Rocks: It slices, it dices, it spits spiked death from afar. The Spiked Felldrake may be as close as the felldrakes come to measuring up to the true dragons. Its ranged attack proves a threat to anyone, even enemies with Damage Reduction. Its melee capability allows it to take on Naresh and Drazen baddies on nearly even terms.

Tips and Tactics: You can’t really lose with the Felldrake. Supply it with a competent leader, like the Gray Elf Imperial Noble, then let it either dominate the field with its ranged attacks or force the enemy to charge.

Enemies Who Hate to See It: The only enemies who do not particularly worry about the Spiked Felldrake are Skeletal Undead, and even they have difficulties surviving the Felldrake's multiple melee attacks.

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