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Model Tactics
Chainmail Set 4: Werewolf Trooper
By Rob Heinsoo

Model: Werewolf Trooper

Faction: Naresh

Why It Rocks: Whoosh, across the battlefield the Werewolf Trooper comes in mere seconds, tearing into the opposition while protected by Damage Reduction 1.

Tips and Tactics: Along with the Gnoll Monk, the Werewolf Trooper gives Naresh a quick reaction force that’s hard to match. Unlike the Monk, the Werewolf Trooper is difficult. However, its ability to shrug off nonmagic damage allows it to survive long-range forays into enemy ranks that would kill any other low-cost model.

Enemies Who Hate to See It: The Werewolf Trooper is not the archers’ friend. Regular 1-damage archers need powerful friends or spellcasting allies to have any chance against the Werewolf. Soft enemy leaders who try to stay out of harm’s way also become easy prey.

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