Model Tactics
Chainmail Set 4: Dwarf Lightning Lancer
By Rob Heinsoo

Model: Dwarf Lightning Lancer

Faction: Mordengard

Why It Rocks: The Dwarf Lightning Lancer is the only 2 melee damage short-range attacker in the game, and its attack is a touch attack. That means it can hit almost anyone.

Tips and Tactics: The Lightning Lancer isn’t a front-rank troop. Use the tougher Zealots, Stonechildren, and Fighters for the front rank. Keep the Lightning Lancer just behind them, and every round you hold the enemy in melee is another round the Lancer is likely to heap 2 points of damage on the nearest enemy.

Rather than committing the Lightning Lancer to the early fighting, it can pay to keep it out of harm’s way until your melee troops have damaged the opponent. While you have the enemy pinned and fighting all-out in melee, bring out the Lightning Lancers and attack for easy morale saves and knockdowns.

Enemies Who Hate to See It: Models that survive thanks to high armor -- like other Dwarves! -- hate to see the Lightning Lancers coming. Also consider bringing them against Skeletal Undead that can’t afford to lose half their health to a simple ranged attack, as well as against Damage Reduction models with little to fear from other low-cost Dwarves. 

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