Model Tactics
Chainmail Set 4: Ettin Trooper
By Rob Heinsoo

Model: Ettin Trooper

Faction: Drazen’s Horde

Why It Rocks: Here’s the biggest, baddest, four-attacks-per-round slugger in the game. The Ettin’s not easy to command, but throw a bull’s strength spell on it, and it can inflict 12 points of damage per round.

Tips and Tactics: Use anything you can to increase the Ettin’s somewhat low attack bonus: Sacred Circles, spells, and Orc Gangfighters work best. Don’t throw the Ettin into a firing zone where it will be trapped in front of multiple ranged attackers. Don’t settle for killing the enemy one at a time, either—maneuver the Ettin into a spot where it can use all its melee attacks each round.

Enemies Who Hate to See It: The Ettin Trooper’s great against warbands that can’t deliver 7 points or more of fast damage at range to force it to make a rout check. Uncommanded warbands that must face the Ettin head on instead of maneuvering towards its weaker allies are also likely to quake before this bruiser.

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