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Chainmail Set 4: Salamander Trooper
By Rob Heinsoo

Model: Salamander Trooper

Faction: None

Why It Rocks: Set 4 introduces a new special ability: Damage Reduction, and the Salamander Trooper is the first model to get it. Warbands that hit for 1 damage had better find spellcasters who can cast magic weapon. If not, at least the battles will end quickly, because the Salamander Trooper can dish out a lot of damage in a hurry.

Get It While It’s Hot: For a few short weeks, the Salamander Trooper gives evil warbands a lock on Damage Reduction. It will remain a fine choice later as well, but early in its release cycle this model gives you access to "tech" that the Good warbands just can’t find.

Tips and Tactics: Naresh and Drazen’s Horde are obvious factions to recruit the Salamander Trooper, but Ahmut’s Legion can use the Salamander to plug some holes in its own lineup. As a rule, Ahmut’s models tend toward low attack and low save values. The Salamander Trooper hits both those gaps. Given that the Salamander is a Difficult x2 Troop and will always be cross-faction, the high-command-point Ahmut’s Legion commanders are well suited to put it under command for maneuver and rally.

Enemies Who Hate to See It: If your friend’s pesky Wood Elf Scouts have been a problem, introduce the Scouts to a model they can’t damage unless they roll a natural 20. A magic weapon spell may give most archers a fighting chance, but every point spent on spellcasters is a point that can’t be spent on the less expensive archers.

Brittle When Cold: Because of its vulnerability to cold, the Salamander Trooper has exciting battles with models such as the Half-Dragon Mage, the Half-Elf Sorcerer, and the Ice Paraelemental. Who’s going to hit whom first? If the Salamander can get into melee, the odds line up in its favor.

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