Model Tactics
Chainmail Set 4: Dwarf People’s Guard
By Rob Heinsoo


Model: Dwarf People’s Guard

Faction: Mordengard

Why It Rocks: The shieldwork of the People’s Guard, and its willingness to throw itself into harm’s way to protect other models alongside it (giving them higher armor scores) makes this model a keeper.

Tips and Tactics: Mordengard players, who already have a good thing going with clerics casting shield of faith, know exactly how powerful another +2 armor can be for their toughest fighters. Dwarf People’s Guards are low-cost support troops for your best fighters. These models are tough enough that numbers of them can even inflict some damage on their own, especially because they help each other’s armor.

But don’t expect the People’s Guards to survive the battle. Survival is a bonus and indicates that your opponent has had to fight the hard way, hacking through the models protected by the People’s Guard.

Enemies Who Hate to See It: Undead models that already have low attack scores don’t care for the Dwarf People’s Guards, nor do ranged attackers who rely on landing a significant portion of their pre-melee contact shots.

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