Model Tactics
Chainmail Set 4: Orc Gangfighter
By Rob Heinsoo


Model: Orc Gangfighter

Faction: Drazen’s Horde

Why It Rocks: Drazen is all about killing enemies fast, and when an Orc Gangfighter is in melee combat against an enemy model, all your other models have a much higher chance of hitting the foe!

Tips and Tactics: The threat of an Orc Gangfighter moving into combat alongside an Ettin Trooper is usually enough to make your enemy "waste" an attack trying to take out the Orc. Bring in the Orc after the enemy has taken its attack for the round, but before the Ettin has acted, and you’ll increase the Ettin’s damage capacity by a frightening amount.

Enemies Who Hate to See It: Not pleased to come up against the Orc Gangfighter are high-armor warbands like the dwarves, who can normally count on their armor to shield them from half the enemy’s attacks.

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