Model Tactics
Chainmail Set 4: Half-Orc Assassin
By Rob Heinsoo


Model: Half-Orc Assassin

Faction: Ahmut’s Legion

Why It Rocks: When it gets its double daggers flying against a living enemy who has at least one other foe to contend with, the Half-Orc Assassin’s Sneak Attack damage makes it one of the deadliest models in the game.

Tips and Tactics: Use the Half-Orc Assassin as a cunning commander who waits for the moment to strike. Always attack when you have at least one other model in the fray so you can get the Sneak Attack bonuses. With just a little luck, the enemy will never attack you back.

Enemies Who Hate to See It: Most everyone has to worry about the Half-Orc Assassin. A better question is: "Who doesn’t worry about the Assassin?" The answer: Undead and constructs. They don’t have to fear Sneak Attack damage, and they can shrug off the Assassin’s blows.

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