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Chainmail Set 3: Skeletal Equiceph
By Bruce R. Cordell and Rob Heinsoo

Model: Skeletal Equiceph

Faction: Ahmut’s Legion

Why It Rocks: The Skeletal Equiceph is fast charging, hard hitting, and -- if you’re the lucky type -- your opponent may never damage it in normal attacks.

Tricks and Tactics: I confess: Saying that the Skeletal Equiceph can always escape damage is an exaggeration. But your opponent can end up feeling it’s true if you’re lucky when you make your Skeletal 11+ rolls.

The other good news is that your Equiceph won’t have to survive too many 50/50 damage rolls before you can count on it taking out your enemies with its high melee damage. 9

As a high-speed model with Reach 1", the Equiceph gives you tactical options. If you need to deliver a big punch to a weak spot in the enemy’s warband, the Equiceph has the speed to get there. If you’d rather wait and force the enemy to attack, the Equiceph gets a free opportunity attack swing at any model moving up and attacking it that doesn’t have Reach 1".

Enemies Who Hate to See It: Archer warbands suffer lethal embarrassments when fast-moving Skeletal creatures with Reach 1" charge into their midst.

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