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Chainmail Set 3: Abyssal Eviscerator
By Bruce R. Cordell and Rob Heinsoo

Model: Abyssal Eviscerator

Faction: Naresh

Why It Rocks: The Abyssal Eviscerator is a demon called straight out of the Abyss! A hunter, it can fight in darkness and sniff out prey. It grabs captured prey with its strong upper arms, and then lets the small, clawed hands protruding from its stomach tear into the helpless victim.

Tricks and Tactics: The Abyssal Eviscerator is the kind of bad-ass model you want to see -- it is tough, but is not difficult. That means your commander can send it where it needs to go to run your enemy ragged. What’s more, the commander can give the Abyssal Eviscerator a +2 bonus to its attack roll with only 2 command points, like any lesser model.

Your Eviscerator already has 20 armor -- make it better with a shield of faith, if you have that ability (the Gnoll Cleric can do this). With its Extra Melee Attack on top of its huge melee attack bonus, rarely a round goes by in which the Eviscerator isn’t pounding the snot out of somebody. As mentioned earlier, try to save command to give the Eviscerator a +2 attack bonus, further leveraging its good attacks.

You’ll rarely want to charge with the Eviscerator, at least against another big model (don’t pass up a chance to take out your enemy’s commander, if it’s a sure thing). The reason is that on the round you move, you don’t get your extra attack. Allow your enemies to come to you, then take both your attacks against them.

Enemies Who Hate to See It: As a demon, the Abyssal Eviscerator has all the standard resistances against heat and cold. This means that models reliant on fire (such as the Azer Trooper) or cold (including the Ice Paraelemental and Half-Dragon Mage) hate to see the Eviscerator.

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