Model Tactics
Chainmail Set 3: Azer Trooper
By Bruce R. Cordell and Rob Heinsoo


Model: Azer Trooper

Faction: Mercenary

Why It Rocks: Dwarflike Azer Troopers have metallic skin that radiates intense heat, while their weapons are constantly sheathed in flame. They live on the Elemental Plane of Fire but are sometimes sent or summoned to fight in a warband. They love to burn their enemies with their fiery strikes.

Tricks and Tactics: The Azer Trooper you bring to the table for 8 points is primarily worthwhile for its 19 armor. No other 8-point model can touch that score (for that matter, most models don’t have 19 armor, no matter their cost). Sure, it’s nice that you inflict 1 point of fire along with your regular damage, but in some cases this becomes a liability (such as when you face demons that are immune), although the Ice Paraelemental is vulnerable to fire. No, your strength with the Azer trooper is its high armor for the cost.

One tactic involves bringing in at least two Azer Troopers and sending them ahead of your main forces. They’re here to act as a screen. They’re harder to hit than many models, so send them up to engage with your enemy’s bruisers while you maneuver more sensitive models where you want them. The ability to prevent your enemy from running in and mucking up your advance is nice (especially if you have a slow army, like Mordengard). However, because the Azer Trooper has only 2 health, a shield of faith spell is probably wasted on it -- put it on a higher-health model, such as your commander or your main bruiser.

Enemies Who Hate to See It: The previously mentioned Ice Paraelemental hates to see Azer Troopers. Their cheap cost is all the more damning when you add in their fiery damage, to which the paraelemental is vulnerable.

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