Model Tactics
Chainmail Set 3: Dwarf Hammer Priest
By Bruce R. Cordell and Rob Heinsoo


Model: Dwarf Hammer Priest

Faction: Mordengard

Why It Rocks: What have the dwarves been waiting for all along? A kick-ass commander with a big pool of command points plus the ability to stand up to enemy models in his own right. The Dwarf Hammer Priest is that model, with "buffing" and attack spells to boot.

Tricks and Tactics: As with other commanders bearing helpful spells, you should try to take the time for the Dwarf Hammer Priest to cast his buffing spells on your favored allied model. A good choice for that model is the Dwarf Zealot. Even though the Zealot is a difficult troop, you’ve got the command to get him where he needs to go.

However, the Dwarf Hammer Priest can’t forget that, as a dwarf, he’s slow. You just might not have the time to buff-up in some situations. If you can’t get off all those spells, don’t worry -- another supremely useful tactic is to turn your spells in for healing. Move up behind your front-line fighters and provide healing as they need it. This will keep them in the fight far longer than they would otherwise. Plus, you can provide nearby models with bonuses to their morale save if they face a morale check.

Finally, your Dwarf Hammer Priest is no slouch himself -- he has a high armor and inflicts 2 points of damage every time he hits. Sometimes, you need to enter melee with him, but don’t put him up against the enemy’s primo model if you can help it. The enemy will try to kill the Hammer Priest so your army loses its command. Because he is so good in melee, you must always guard against entering the fight too quickly. Recognize melee as a viable possibility in the right situation: when you judge that you can take down the model you are about to engage before it can do the same to you.

Enemies Who Hate to See It: Among the Dwarf Hammer Priest’s many abilities, it also can turn undead with a healthy +6 bonus to its check. It’s no wonder that otherwise fearsome warbands sporting undead hate to see him.

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