Model Tactics
Chainmail Set 3: Hobgoblin Adept
By Bruce R. Cordell and Rob Heinsoo


Model: Hobgoblin Adept

Faction: Drazen’s Horde

Why It Rocks: The Hobgoblin Adept provides magical power to Drazen’s Horde. It’s a fine commander, especially for its price. Some would call it the best commander points can buy, considering its ability to cast the ultimate "buffing" spell on its troops: bull’s strength.

Tricks and Tactics: Your Hobgoblin Adept has to maximize its ability to cast bull’s strength. That means you should field a model that already has a high melee attack and damage. Following this advice to the letter, without regard for other factors, might mean you’d always pair the Adept with a Dire Boar. One bull’s strength later, and your Dire Boar has a melee attack of 13 and a melee damage of 4! Few enemy models can stand up to this kind of abuse.

But, the Dire Boar is both wild and difficult, meaning you can have only one Dire Boar in your warband per 4 command points, and you can’t do much more on a turn than call the Dire Boar to you when you wish to control the beast. That might be fine. But, if you’re looking for a more easily commanded troop on which to bequeath your bull’s strength, consider the Orc Champion. The Champion costs less, is not difficult, but the post-bull’s strength payoff is still very nice: a melee attack of 9 and a melee damage of 3. As a matter of fact, bring a few Orc Champions; even unbuffed, they’re great models to command.

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