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Model Tactics
Chainmail Set 2: Gray Elf Warriors
By Bruce R. Cordell and Rob Heinsoo

Model: Gray Elf Warriors

Faction: Ravilla

Why It Rocks: Grey Elf Warriors are inexpensive models designed to protect your archer models (or other stationary models) against the rampaging charges of enemies.

Tricks and Tactics: Position your Grey Elf Warriors (you’ll want a few of them) in front of weak archer models as a lure against advancing enemies. Foes that like to charge right into combat will find the Grey Elf Warrior’s Set versus Charge ability disconcerting and damaging. If you offset the Grey Elf Warrior by 45 degrees instead of placing it directly in front of the archer, you may also avoid blocking the archer’s line of fire. Because Gray Elf Warriors have reach despite their average size, they often can still get off an attack against a model attempting to maneuver up to an archer instead of just charging the Grey Elf Warrior itself.


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