Model Tactics
Chainmail Set 2: Orc Trooper
By Bruce R. Cordell and Rob Heinsoo


Model: Orc Trooper

Faction: Drazen’s Horde

Why It Rocks: This booster model is efficiently priced for basic combat utility. Orc Troopers don’t have a lot of health, but at the price, you can bring scads of them to the table. When they hit, they inflict 2 blunt damage -- what’s more, the Orc Trooper costs less than the Gnoll Warrior per point of damage inflicted with a hit.

Tricks and Tactics: Simple -- bring five Orc Troopers to the table for a total cost of just 20 points. Overwhelm your enemies with numbers (and get the flanking bonus to boot). As with any nondifficult troop, a commander can easily maneuver the Orc Trooper, as well as give one or more of them the 2-point command for +2 bonus to attack rolls. Unfortunately, these troopers are cowardly, their morale easily broken. Amusingly, their cowardly demeanor has little real effect in combat; if they sustain a hit, they are either knocked down or killed -- they don’t run.

Enemies Who Hate to See It: Because an Orc Trooper inflicts blunt damage, skeletal creatures are far more vulnerable to them than to other enemies -- there is no better ratio of unit price to blunt damage in the game than this model.

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