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Model Tactics
Chainmail Set 2: Aasimar Cleric
By Bruce R. Cordell and Rob Heinsoo

Model: Aasimar Cleric

Faction: Thalos

Why It Rocks: She’s a strong commander (4 command points), has a slew of divine spells to foil enemy warbands, and as an outsider, she has 12" of vision even in the low-light "gloom" conditions typical of underground battles fought in the Blood & Darkness set. That’s important, because Thalos’s other commanders, all humans, can only see (and give orders) 6" in gloom.

Tricks and Tactics: The Aasimar Cleric’s armor and health are not exceptional. She is not a front-line fighter -- she is a commander and should be held back to do what she does best: command and support. One of her most important duties is to dispel darkness spells cast by evil factions; she can do so by casting daylight. However, before the first blow is struck, the Aasimar Cleric should "buff" her troops as much as possible -- she has a couple shield of faith spells to increase the armor of an already high-armor model (don’t waste it on a low-armor model). Putting shield of faith on an already high-armor model maximizes that model’s armor advantage.

The Aasimar Cleric has other "buffing" spells, but consider holding them back for use as spontaneous healing spells instead, to be cast upon an allied model that has been knocked down and needs another chance to get up.

Not all the Aasimar Cleric’s spells are defensive. Her two command spells can manipulate even the mightiest enemies, even models higher than 5th level and no longer vulnerable to cause fear spells. Wait until the target enemy model is in base-to-base contact with two or more of your models: A command of "come here" could trigger several attacks of opportunity against the enemy model, not to mention the round of lost activity.

Enemies Who Hate to See It: Models who cast darkness as part of their strategy (such as the Tiefling Fighter and the Drow Warrior) despise the Aasimar Cleric, whose daylight dissolves their carefully laid plans.

Warbands It Counters: An Aasimar Cleric can wreak havoc against a warband of low-level undead. Her excellent Turn Undead ability gives her an excellent chance of routing one low-level undead per turn. That strategy isn’t likely to pay off if the enemy’s Human Death Cleric is responding by rallying the routing undead each turn, but if you eliminate the Death Cleric fast, you’ve got a plan.

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