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Model Tactics
Chainmail Set 2: Crazed Minotaur Cultist
By Bruce R. Cordell and Rob Heinsoo

Model: Crazed Minotaur Cultist

Faction: Ahmut

Why It Rocks: The Crazed Minotaur Cultist strikes his foes with incredible ferocity, dealing more damage than any other model in the game (but not with exceptional accuracy). It makes up for its lack of accuracy with an extra melee attack: If it can't hit the first time, it will probably strike home on its second attack.

Tricks & Tactics: Make sure to set up your Crazed Minotaur Cultist so he can make a charge against an opponent -- his Powerful Charge ability makes this tactic all the more ferocious. Likewise, his long reach means that opponents moving within range are open to an attack of opportunity. His high health score ensures that the Crazed Minotaur Cultist should survive at least a few rounds of contact with the enemy, but it's not a bad idea to keep a commander close, to rally the model should he fail a morale check when he reaches half his health -- the damage and extra melee attack of the Crazed Minotaur Cultist are too precious to allow to run off the board.

Because the model is difficult to command, don't be afraid to stand him instead of just letting him run toward the center or the nearest model, especially if moving the Minotaur without putting him under command fails to set him up for a Powerful Charge. On the other hand, if you let your enemies come to you, they have to charge through this model's reach, and the Crazed Cultist will get his Extra Melee Attack on his first activation.

Enemies Who Hate to See It: Creatures without reach hate to move past or charge the Crazed Minotaur Cultist. One attack of opportunity is all it takes to make many models rout, or simply die, if the minotaur's attack succeeds.

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