Model Tactics
Chainmail Set 2: Pulverizer
By Bruce R. Cordell and Rob Heinsoo


Model: Pulverizer

Faction: Thalos

Why It Rocks: The Pulverizer can blast rocks, enemies, and your opponent's hopes to pieces with its Sonic Shriek, an area effect attack that automatically damages models and has a chance to stun them. Besides its shriek, its high armor is sure to stand off low-level attacks, while its extra melee attack that deals blunt damage (just like its primary attack) can be devastating.

Tricks & Tactics: The Pulverizer has high armor but low health. It's risky to use it as a front-line fighter. Instead of putting it in the front where your opponent can target it easily, hold it in reserve as a deterrent. The threat of a Sonic Shriek that can automatically damage multiple models is usually enough to throw your enemy's warband out of its stride. If possible, activate the Pulverizer toward the end of the round, so your opponent won't know for sure whether it will activate that turn. Don't worry about hanging too far back, because the Pulverizer has the highest speed of any of the Thalos models. When it activates, it can cover territory in a hurry.

Enemies Who Hate to See It: The Dwarves of Mordengard dislike the Pulverizer because its Sonic Shriek bypasses their greatest strength: high armor. A Pulverizer can wreak havoc against a warband made up of undead, especially skeletal undead. Its melee attacks deal blunt damage, which bypasses any skeletal protection, while its Sonic Shriek is likewise effective at wearing down a skeletal creature's health.

Cross-Faction Warbands That Might Want to Use It: Because a Sonic Shriek does not discriminate in its targets, a warband made up of archers, such as Ravilla, could consider using a Pulverizer -- the archers, if not concentrated in a single location, are less likely to be in the path of the Sonic Shriek when the Pulverizer lets loose.

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