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Errors and Error Messages

Q: What does it mean when I check for new upgrades and I get a message that reads: "Updater client - ERROR. Cannot connect to server. Error connecting the TCP/IP socket. Connection refused You will not be able to check for updates until the Updater Server is reachable..."
A: The Upgrade server is currently offline, or inaccessible from your current location. Make certain you have a valid connection to the Internet. If you do, then try again at least once a day until the server is operational again.
Patch V 1.16 will make this message more comprehensible and friendly.

Q:When I try to register my product online, the product crashes!
A: If upgrading doesn't fix the problem, you can fill out the form and click Print to Mail on the last menu. The address will automatically appear on the printout.

Q: Sometimes, when I run the Dragon Magazine Archive on my NT, I get a "Win32 API Error". Other times I don't. What's going on?
A: There are some issues with resource allocation that exist on an NT and are handled slightly differently on the Win95 platform. There are two solutions at present. Either try running the Archive software repeatedly until you get an instance that doesn't produce the error, or run it on a Win95 system. A fix for this is in the works.

Q: When I scroll to the bottom of a very long list (like in the browse area or if I create a really long bookmark list) then minimize the application, then reopen it the scrollbar disappears.
A: This is known bug, congratulations on finding it. If you click on the list your scroll bar will reappear.
Patch V 1.16 repairs this bug

Q. I'm running the Archive on an NT 4.0 with Service Pack 4 installed. When I select the graphics box on the main view and copy an image to the clipboard, the system doesn't copy the data, or it is invalid data.
A. This is an actual bug that somehow slipped through our QA system! A fix for this will be slated for the next update. In the mean time, you could copy the images using Win95 or 98, if these operating systems are available to you, or you can use Adobe's Acrobat to perform the same function.


Q: When I choose to print a series of pages, the page numbering is off by two pages.
A: This is caused by the front cover and inside cover being counted as page 1 and page 2. If you want to print a section of the magazine (say pages 30-36) you should add 2 to both numbers (print pages 32-38). This is not true of "The Strategic Review," which counted the cover as page 1 and the inside cover as page 2.

Q: When I try to print a page from the Dragon Archive to my fax software, it doesn't work, or it crashes! What can I do?
A: The Dragon Magazine Archive does not support printing to fax software. Please ensure that this is not the default setting for your system. If you wish to fax some pages, you should print them to a file using the Windows OS and fax the file, or simply print the page through a standard printer and fax that.

Q: Printing on my NT system is sometimes very slow! What can I do?
A: On some NT systems, the Dragon Archive will have difficulty talking with certain printer drivers, and cause a performance conflict. If you have a large number of pages to print, and you want it done as quickly as possible, just shut down the Archive and printing will continue at a more normal pace.

Q: When I print I'm getting and "Unsupported Printer" error
A: At the time of release there were a few printers that were not supported.
Patch V 1.16 should take care of this problem

Q: When I print, the text looks blurry.
A: To make the text more readable on the screen we have anti-aliased it. When printing, you may want to shut that off in the options menu (go to Options and switch off font smoothing).

How to...

Q: Sometimes, when I highlight text in the Dragon Archive, the highlight does not cover all the text, or it extends a portion of a sentence beyond my selection. What's wrong?
A: The text highlighting technology is at its infancy, and therefore is at the mercy of the method in which the text was optically scanned. If the scanner has cut a sentence in two, there is little we can do about it at this point. You may, in some cases, be required to select more than you initially wished, but you can copy it to your destination and edit it at that point. This is a solution for extreme cases, though. In most cases, careful selection of the entire area of the text you wish to copy is all that will be necessary.

Q: Okay, now that I have some highlighted text from a search, how do I get rid of it?
A: Alright we admit it, this one slipped by us. We were so excited by the ability to highlight text using a search that we forgot to give an easy way to turn it off. The only way to do it with the initial version is to do another search.
Patch V 1.16 adds the function Ctrl-C which clears searching highlights

Q: Hey! Page 62 of issue number 38 is upside down!
A: That's how it appeared in the original magazine. Remember that this is an authentic archive! <grin>

Q: I tried to Export (or Import) my bookmarks. When I did, the window looks funny, it covered the entire screen.
A: This is a bug, but it does not impact functionality and only occurs the first time you attempt to import or export. Just treat the window normally, and all functionality will occur normally (you will be able to import or export).

Q: I created a bookmark folder and named it. I placed a collection of bookmarks underneath it and then selected it and exported it. When I did that, nothing happened -- no file appeared.
A: It is likely that you did not drag the bookmarks into the folder. Select the book marks, then drag them into the folder. You will then be able to open and close the folder by clicking on the icon. Selecting the folder will allow you to export the entire folder (with bookmarks) to a file.

Q: When I print, the text looks blurry.
A: To make the text more readable on the screen we have anti-aliased it. When printing, you may want to shut that off in the options menu (go to Options and switch off font smoothing).

Q: How do I select an image to cut and paste? I'm selecting the icon at the bottom of the window, but when I draw a rectangle it just snaps closed.
A: When you draw a rectangle and release the mouse and the rectangle disappears (or closes), you have automatically copied to your clipboard whatever you drew the rectangle around. You may now open up an image editor and paste the image into a file. This is also true of the text highlighter. There is no need to hit Ctrl-C. When the text is highlighted and the mouse released it is automatically copied to the clipboard.

Q. How do I upgrade Dragon Magazine Archive?
A. There are currently two methods. The first is the easiest. Just ensure you are connected to the Internet, run the Dragon Magazine Archive, go to the Options Screen and select "Upgrade Check". The rest will be automatic! If for some reason this doesn't work for you, you can download the patch from
here. Just decompress the files into the same folder in which resides the file named "DragonArchive.exe", and restart the program.

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